Our mission

TAC Access helps the next generation to succeed throughout life. Our comprehensive process is better, simpler, faster and more affordable for you as a commissioner.  Rapid support enables children and young people to connect with professional support, precisely when they need it most.

Benefits to all

With a rise in children and young people’s mental health needs, TAC Access makes quality professional support accessible to all. As an organisation helping vulnerable children and young people, you need a pathway that’s simple to navigate, flexible, and takes you straight to professionals that you know you can trust. We ensure you can find exactly the help you need, taking comfort in the knowledge that the money you spend buys expertise that changes lives.

Cost effective

With TAC Access all your budget goes straight to professionals, rather than being lost to agency fees. With no professional finder’s fee and easy online access, your budget goes further and provides much-needed support to help children and young people thrive. If you’re a professional providing services, you can ensure a better income with a quick sign-up process.